Being a great coach is all about how much information you have and how you deliver it to your players and assistant coaches.  Being humble and open minded to the latest form of teaching is imperative.  The BC staff furthers it’s education every year by ordering updated college seminars, talking to college and pro players/coaches, and researching the Internet.  We have sifted through the information and we pass on the best.  This year the BC staff will be doing many coaching seminars for youth and high school coaches.


BC has state of the art equipment with a projector and speakers to offer a 1st class seminar.

Coaching Seminars
Why Attend a Coaching Seminar at BC?

“For me, coaches have to further their education on a year by year basis to improve.  We as coaches ask our players to improve…we need to do the same.  I will be partnering up with many influential and successful people in baseball to help share the best information.  Coaching seminars such as the Missouri High School Coaches Association that I spoke at are a lot of fun for me and that is how I improved my coaching ability.  It’s very helpful to get ideas on how to do things more efficiently in practices/games and how to work with kids in general.  Kids depend on the education and organization of their coaches.  Every coach should do these seminars.  I saw a quote the other day that said ‘baseball was invented for kids and adults mess it up.’  That gives me enough fuel to help adults and coaches do it the right way the 1st time for every child…we only get one chance to do it right.”

- Jeremy Jones

Does BC Offer any College Recruiting Information?

“Yes.  We will also have college recruiters such as Tony Vitello (U of A) and Ryan Graves (KU) come in to speak.  Every parent and high school player needs to attend these seminars to figure out what coaches are looking for and what the requirements are.  You don’t want to miss these seminars…the information is gold.”

We do not have any Seminars Scheduled at this Time... Stay Posted
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